Learning to Share the Space


We need 21st century civility.


21st century civility is the ability to engage intentionally

with each other, in same space along with our differences

and causing no harm.


And, because 21st century civiilty is a new and uncommon civility,

it must be taught, embraced and practiced.


A little about incivility…


These days, most people are simply happy and relieved to be employed, attending school or college, and/or residing in decent housing. This is particularly true in those exclusive environments where gaining initial access as an employee, a student or as a resident can be a major challenge.  Once a part of these environments, people do not expect or think they would experience incivility and certainly do not see incivility as harm coming their way. What better place for incivility to thrive then in hard to access environments with unsuspecting people.


You see, incivility, known in academia as micro-aggression or in the general public as “mistreatment on the under”, has an insidious nature so it is often missed and dismissed. Gossiping, using demeaning language, nurturing bias attitudes and inequality, practicing rankism, setting someone up to fail, fear of diversity are a few common incivilities experienced daily so much so that it is normalized.


And, it is not until incivility escalates into a massive problem of bullying, mobbing, harassment, violence or even death that there is a response, national attention, safety committees formed, and a call to action. By this time, it is too late and irreparable damage has been done.


To me, one harmed person is too many.


The Civility Zone has found a healthy, inclusive response to the pervasive problem of incivility…

cultivating, embracing and teaching people civility

and how to practice it. Let the Healing begin…